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The Wydad Athletic Club, also known as Wydad Casablanca, is one of the most esteemed and decorated football clubs in Morocco. Established on May 8, 1937, in Casablanca, the club has amassed an impressive honors list, with numerous triumphs both nationally and internationally. With 22 Botola titles, 9 Throne Cup wins, and an Independence Cup, Wydad has ruled Moroccan football. Internationally, the club clinched the CAF Champions League three times, among several other prestigious trophies. Let’s delve into the glorious history of the Wydad Athletic Club.

Throughout its history, Wydad Athletic Club has left an indelible mark on Moroccan football. The club has captured numerous national and international titles, marking it as one of the most crowned clubs in Morocco.

Nationally, Wydad clinched the Botola 22 times, with victories spanning several decades. The triumphs started in 1948 and continued up to the 2021-2022 season. These victories attest to the club’s constant dominance on the national scene. Apart from its league successes, Wydad also bagged the Throne Cup nine times, cementing its stature as a dominating club. In 1956, the club also grabbed the Independence Cup, adding yet another trophy to its cabinet.

On the international stage, Wydad has seen significant success. The CAF Champions League, the premier club competition in Africa, was clinched by the club thrice. Wydad lifted the trophy in 1992, 2017, and most recently in 2022. These victories positioned the club amongst the elite in African football. Furthermore, Wydad also took home the CAF Confederation Cup in 2002 and the African Super Cup in 2018. These accomplishments solidified Wydad’s stand as a formidable club on the continental scene.

Beyond Africa, Wydad also made its mark. In 1993, the club bagged the Afro-Asian Cup, showcasing its quality and potential beyond the African continent. Moreover, Wydad clinched the Arab Club Champions Cup in 1989 and the Arab Super Cup in 1992, manifesting its regional prominence. The club also triumphed in the North African Championship three times (in 1948, 1949, and 1950), along with other regional contests like the North African Super Cup in 1948 and 1949, and the North African Cup in 1949. Lastly, in 1979, Wydad grabbed the Mohammed V Cup, another significant trophy in its honors list.

Beyond these major competitions, Wydad also claimed several other national and friendly titles. Among them are the Chaouia League (won 4 times), the Elite Cup of Morocco (twice), the Casablanca Cup (twice), the Promotion Championship – Central Group, the second division championship, the Criterium of Morocco (Southern Zone), and the November 16 Cup. The club also tasted success in various friendly tournaments, like the Ahmed Antifi Tournament (won 10 times), the Throne Day Tournament, the Green March Tournament, the International Tournament of Meknès, the Independence Tournament, and the Tabouk International Cup.

In addition to its feats on the field, Wydad has also been marked by the presence of exceptional players over the years. Names like Moussa Ndaw, Abdelmajid Shaita, Fakhreddine Rajhi, Badr El Kaddouri, Noureddine Naybet, Aziz Bouderbala, Yassine Bounou, and Fabrice Ondama have penned glorious pages in the club’s history. These talented players have contributed to Wydad’s successes and have shone in its colors.

Lastly, the legendary rivalry between Wydad and Raja Club Athletic, the other major club of Casablanca, has left an imprint on Moroccan football history. Matches between these two clubs elicit intense passion and attract vast crowds of supporters. Wydad also enjoys unwavering support from its fans, who regularly pack the Mohammed V stadium during local and international matches. Wydad remains a cornerstone of Moroccan football, inspiring a new generation of players and fans to pursue their passion for this magnificent sport.

Wydad Athletic Club has indelibly marked Moroccan football. With an impressive tally of national and international titles, the club has showcased its dominance on the local and continental stage. Its illustrious history, talented players, and rivalry with Raja Club Athletic make it one of the most revered clubs in Morocco.

Major titles

National Competitions (32)

Botola (22) : 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1955, 1957, 1966, 1969, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1986, 1990, 1991, 1993, 2006, 2010, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2022

Throne Cup (9) : 1970, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1989, 1994, 1997, 1998, and 2001

Throne Cup : 1956

International Competitions (15)

CAF Champions League (3): 1992, 2017, and 2022

African Confederation Cup: 2002

African Super Cup: 2018

Afro-Asian Cup: 1993

Arab Champions League: 1989

Arab Super Cup: 1992

North African Championship (3): 1948, 1949, and 1950

North African Super Cup (2): 1948 and 1949

North African Cup: 1949

Mohammed V Cup: 1979


Other Titles

Compétitions nationales (13)

Chaouia League (4): 1939, 1944, 1945, and 1946

Elite Cup of Morocco (2): 1945 and 1948

Casablanca Cup (2): 1947 and 1948

Promotion Championship – Central Group: 1942

Division 2 Championship: 1942

Maroc Criterium (South Zone): 1946

16th November Cup: 1955

Independence Cup: 1956

Friendly Competitions (28)

Tournoi Ahmed Antifi (10) : 1988, 1990, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2007, 2017 et 2021

Tournoi Fête Aïd Seghir : 1941

Tournoi Fête Mouloud : 1941

Tournoi Fête du Trône : 1941

Tournoi Nouvel An : 1944

Tournoi de Noël (2) : 1944 et 1945

Tournoi de Rabat : 1946

Tournoi de Sixte : 1946

Tournoi de la Police : 1969

Tournoi de la Marche Verte : 1975

Tournoi International de Meknès : 1979

Tournoi d’Indépendance : 1983

Coupe International de Pescara : 1988

Tournoi International d’El Jedida : 1989

Coupe International de Dalas : 1996

Tournoi feu Belhachmi : 2003

Coupe International Vicente Lucas : 2014

Coupe International de Tabouk : 2016

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